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Remington Rolling Block

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Being one of, if not the most, popular rifles used by the old frontier buffalo/bison hunters, the Remington Rolling Block was the paramount Plains, or "Buffalo" single shot rifle design used during the late 19th century. The model evolved from a design patented in 1863 by Leonard Geiger, and improved by Joseph Rider; both Remington employees. The Rolling Blocks all use the same basic principle of design, including a traditional exposed hammer placed behind the breechblock ("rolling block") that must be manually cocked for every shot. While the rifle is not particularly made for swift reloading; it is, however, a reliable and accurate firearm. The Rolling Block rifles were produced throughout the latter decades of the 19th Century and the first decades of the 20th Century in various sizes and calibers and were adopted by many nations’ militaries; including the US, Argentina, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden/Norway, and others. Ultimately, over 1.5 million rolling block military rifles have been produced worldwide.


Firearm Length:
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