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SIG Sauer P220

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Created by the famed partnership between the Swiss SIG company, and the German J.P. Sauer & Son company, the “SIG Sauer P220” was developed during the early 1970s as a replacement sidearm for the SIG P210 for the Swiss Army. The SIG P210, known as the “Pistole 75” among the Swiss ranks, was developed during WWII and was known for both extreme accuracy and extreme production costs. The replacement, the P220 was developed to satisfy both factors; great accuracy and low production costs. The P220 operated using the locked breech, short-recoil method created by John Browning. As with many of the other SIG-Sauer pistols, the P220 was an immediate success among both military and law enforcement communities worldwide. It was officially adopted by the Swiss Army in 1975 and went on to be incorporated into various other nations’ arsenals. The P220 model was succeeded by the SIG Sauer P226.


Firearm Length:
Barrel Length:
Initial date of manufacture:
Popular from
1975 to present


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