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Smith & Wesson 10

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The "Military and Police" line of firearms by Smith & Wesson is perhaps the most successful revolver blueprint for revolvers in history. S&W has produced an estimated 6 million units of the esteemed M&P revolver line throughout production, of which one million Model 10s were produced for the US in World War II. Beginning with the .38 Long Colt “Hand Ejector” model pioneered in 1899, S&W went on to improve the design of the weapon and the round used. Later in 1920, the Hand Ejector models were reassigned as the “Military and Police" line, and in 1958, after the standardization of model-numbering systems, S&W reclassified the former Hand Ejector Model as the “M&P, Model 10”. Manufactured for the famed.38 Special round, the Model 10 was a double-action revolver that consisted of a swing-out cylinder with 6 chambers, an ejector rod, and fixed sights. Being part of the "Military and Police" family of revolvers by Smith & Wesson, the S&W Model 10 finds itself as perhaps the paramount design within the lineage. In addition to being a staple of law enforcement weaponry, the Model 10 saw military action spanning from World War I to The Vietnam War.


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