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Effects Specialists.

Purchase expendibles or get help from our effects technicians.
From explosions and blood to wind and snow we have got what it takes to make your next special effect safe and looking good. We have some of the most talented technicians on the east coast to bring the impossible to your set. See what we have to offer:


We have developed several types of blood that can be used to achieve any desired look. If you are in need of a large amount of blood but are concerned about a location or public space, please ask us about our rubber blood that can be made to order or rented through our prop catalog

Breakaway Glass

Shooting a fight scene inside of a bar? Our breakaway bottles can be outfitted with cleared labels from our graphics department (link to graphics here). We have everything from ceramic breakaway lamps to wine and beer bottles. Need something made from scratch? No problem. Our fabrication team can create it for your next project.

Explosions /Pyrotechnic Effects

Pyrotechnics can be the most exciting type of special effect and also the most dangerous. Our specialists can deliver you the safest and most impressive pyrotechnics in no time. We will also ensure that the proper safety measures are taken on your set to ensure everyone's safety.

Atmospheric Effects

Wind, snow, rain, smoke, fog and lightening can all be achieved at any time of the year by using atmospheric special effects. We have thousands of square feet filled with special atmospheric equipment ready for use on your next project.


Our artists specialize in lifelike prosthetic creations that continue to impress actors and film crews alike. We use the safest materials and the latest technologies to ensure that our effects look as realistic as possible.

Bullet Hits and Gunfire

If you are looking to fake a gun fight then you have come to the right place. Between our special silent firing guns, our pyro technicians, and our weapons training facility, we can not only supply you with the gun, the gun fire, and the bullet holes but we can teach your actors how to fire them as well. Please also ask us about our Det-Less Bullet Hit System and Non Guns which are easy inexpensive alternatives to blanks and pyrotechnics.
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