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Fabrication Services

shaping fabrication

Our highly skilled artisans, technicians, engineers and craftspeople contribute a variety of talents to our projects. From original prop or product fabrication, to graphic printing, metalsmithing, carpentry and more, we have the capability and imagination to see your vision to reality. Our fabricators can devise innovative solutions for even the toughest challenges, uniting old-world craft with a variety of our capabilities


We have some of the industry’s most skilled sculptors and mold makers on our team who provide solutions for artists, architects, set decorators and many others. No project is too large or too small. Whether you need a rubber stunt version of an object or a scaled duplicate for trade shows and presentations, we can make it all!


Our expert 3D designers bring old school creative design into the 21st century! With a variety of applications in prototyping, prop making, machining and more, our 3D design department has unlimited potential. We can design and print almost any three dimensional shape on our cutting edge 3D printers, working with materials like ABS, PLA, polypropylene, acrylic, and more.


The Specialists LTD’s designers are experts at turning the smallest seed of an idea into a tangible real-world design. We’ve made everything from customized dress forms for celebrities, to life-size articulated puppets for a widely-publicized ballet. Let us help your project go from a cocktail napkin scribble to an expertly executed real-world project.


Whether it’s a one-off product or large scale production, our designers can help you achieve the look you need using our laser engraving machines. Our large bed CO2 + Fiber fusion laser cuts and engraves almost any material - from acrylic, metal, wood and MDF card, to rubber, leather and more.


The Specialists LTD can create a fully-immersive custom surround, backdrop or environment that will transport your guests to another world! Utilizing a variety of our offerings we can design, build and install event displays for trade shows, pop-up events, visual merchandising, museum & gallery shows and much more.


From explosives, lighting & atmospheric effects to animatronics, prosthetics and mechanical components, we use the latest materials and technologies to create outstanding experiences for our clients. We can custom tailor a package for your tradeshow, production or special event needs, and always make sure to follow current safety protocols.

Capabilities Breakdown

concept design

original design, hand-drawn illustrations and schematics


molding/casting in silicone, rubber, foam, metal, plastic and breakaway


working in clay, silicone, high-density foam and wood

prosthetics & practical effects

full-body casting, body parts, bleeding and breathing rigs, and animatronics

3D design & 3D printing

CAD drawings, FDM 3D printing in thermoplastics, and clear photopolymer, laser sintering (3D metal printing) in titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and Inconel


Custom microcontroller boards, remote-activation, programming and lighting design


Balsa breakaway stunt props, cabinetry, and CNC


CNC machining and turning, MIG and TIG welding, sheet metal forming, sand and bead blasting, polishing, engraving

cnc router

3- and 5-axis CNC routers, with 10' x 7' x 3' cutting area

painting & finishing

Cold-match paint finishes, powder coating, blueing and patination, hydro-graphics, and metal plating
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