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Generic ESU Package

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Known for their rigorous training and meticulous execution on duty, Emergency Service Unit (ESU) units are the Swiss-army knife of police forces. ESUs respond to a diversity of situations including terrorist threats, hostage-negotiations, motor-vehicle accidents and rescue efforts. New York City proudly boasts the largest and one of the most renowned ESU units in the country. This package is ideal for fully equipping talent as an ESU officer. Included in this package are the following items: - One Primary Weapon (Rifle, SMG or Shotgun) - One Secondary Sidearm - Tactical Belt Rig with various accessories - Leg-Mounted Sidearm Holster - Ballistic Vest with Unit Patches - Ballistic Helmet - Goggles Also Available Upon Request: Tactical Knee-Pads, Tactical Elbow-Pads, Weapon Mounted Accessories (Scopes, Sights, Lights), Radio Equipment, Flashlights, Batons, Etc. Note: We are able to correctly replicate local ESU attire.



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