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design graphics

Our highly experienced graphic design and print experts utilize the latest state-of-the-art technology to create the highest quality designs, printing a vast variety of items ranging from director’s chair-backs, custom license plates and fictitious government identification cards to custom name tags, non-brand grocery items and much more. We also maintain a large catalogue of print-ready graphics, and our in-house facilities allow us to quickly and easily produce any project your team can envision.


From signage, magnetic graphics and catalogs, to game show props, museum displays and fine art prints, our graphic design team has made it all! Whether you need help pulling together your exhibition, designing packaging for your prototype, or just redesigning your company’s branding, we’ll help you find a solution.


The Specialists Ltd. has developed a unique method of creating layered, dimensional prints that lend depth and texture to any image, and can be completed with a matte or glossy finish. From realistic raised license plates and credit cards to 3D stained glass pieces and topographical maps, we can provide countless ways to bring quality and high production value to your project.


So you’ve perfected your groundbreaking product and have it ready for market - now what? Let our designers help you craft a packaging solution that not only highlights your product, but builds your brand’s value. We also have a variety of pre-designed short-run packaging options for hero products, props and specialty goods.


Creating custom, high-resolution vehicle graphics is a speciality of our Graphics Design team. We can design, print and install any vinyl application, transforming any vehicle effectively into a billboard. Cars, buses, vans, food trucks and more can all get our signature vinyl wrapping treatment, helping you spread awareness and build your brand. Whether hitting the pavement or placed in a pop-up event or party, we have a solution that can be tailored to your needs.


Our graphic designers and artists can create and replicate any graphics-focused props your creative team can imagine! Have a design in mind, but need someone with the skills and techniques to get it out to the world? Let our Graphic Design team help bring your vision to life. We can provide hand-drawn illustrations, schematic drawings with notations, CAD models and blueprints and much more. With the help of our team, the only limitation is your imagination!
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