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Panther LRT-SASS

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The Panther LRT-SASS is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that was developed from Eugene Stoner’s AR10 platform. The LRT-SASS was created to address the US military’s need of a reliable semi-automatic sniper rifle. Sniper rifles used by the military, such as the M24, were prized for their reliability and amazing accuracy however, these rifles have a major drawback. Due to their bolt-action, effectively engaging multiple targets is very challenging at best. The LRT-SASS is among a new class of weapons that boasts precision close to the notoriously accurate bolt-action rifles, while being capable of fast follow-up shots which have become a requirement in urban sniping. In addition, the more powerful round allows the sniper to shoot through cinderblock walls and vehicle doors. The Panther LRT-SASS is manufactured by DPMS Firearms, LLC and is capable of being fitted with multiple accessories, including scopes, sights, grips and stands. The LRT-SASS fires the 7.62x51mm round from magazines with a capacity of either 9 or 19 rounds. Everything about this rifle is battle-ready and should prove to be a valuable asset to any arsenal.


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