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Weapons Rental

Weapons Specialists.

The largest theatrical weapons prop house on the East Coast.

Weapons Specialists Ltd is the largest theatrical weapons property house on the East Coast. Our inventory ranges from Paleolithic knives to Russian Tanks and our weapons experts are on hand to make your next project a safe and successful one. Our hand-held weapons are stocked at our New York City warehouse and can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

Our firearms have been modified to meet the New York City Police Department's standards and specifications for theatrical prop firearms – which remain the strictest in the United States. Because of our unparalleled dedication to safety, Weapons Specialists has been able to supply firearms to locations in Finland, Japan, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C. and the United Nations.

In addition to the several thousand blank-firing weapons in our inventory, Weapons Specialists also supplies "replicas" and "non-guns". Replicas are non-functional look-alikes that are used when firing is not needed. Non-Guns are replicas that are capable of emitting an electronic flash comparable to that of a blank-firing gun. Visit our online inventory or contact a specialist to find out more about our weapons inventory.

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